Kev’s Success

It’s a year to the day that I first walked into CrossFit Tamworth and first met Mark and Beth. I first became aware of CrossFit on a holiday to America and was intrigued to see a lot of their members were of my age group (thinking ‘I could do that !’). At the time I […]

John’s Success

John’s success so far! “I started CrossFit in the September of 2018. I had just come back off holiday and was fed up of being the fat dad around the pool. I had seen CrossFit on several films on Netflix and it scared the crap out of me, however extreme measures were needed. Over the […]

Joe’s Success

This is @Joe spencer17 journey so far since being with a year! . . I joined CrossFit Tamworth back in December 2017 on a week long free trial and I haven’t looked back since… Whilst I had always trained, I had become tired of a regular ‘bodybuilding’ training split and wanted to explore functional fitness. […]

Sam’s Success

I started training at CrossFit Tamworth in April 2018 and have enjoyed and benefited from it ever since. I have played rugby since the age of 8 and since joining CrossFit I have noticed a massive improvement in my rugby as I am far fitter and able to have much more of an impact on […]

Adelle’s Success

I’d dabbled in CrossFit since 2015 but never been consistent due to injuries and moving locations twice. Joining CrossFit Tamworth at 4 weeks pregnant in Jan 2017 might have looked like a crazy move to some, but it helped maintain my fitness during a tough year for my body and mind. Some movements were modified […]

Luke’s Success

“I have know about CrossFit for about four years now and have gone to a couple of other boxes. When I first started I did make some good progress quickly. Unfortunately, I was only able to go at the weekend due to living away during the week with work.   However, since starting at CrossFit […]

Cheryl’s Success

As i am a woman of 55 years i thought CrossFit was not for me, but as there was an opening offer of a free induction i decided to give it a go. I told the Coach Mark that i didnt want to do any weightlifting however he encouraged me to give it a go. […]

Laura’s Success

CrossFit is changing my life. As a mother I have always tried to keep fit and healthy for my two little girls juggling work and home life. Then I found out that I was having twins not only that I was being made redundant as well. I decided to hold off finding another job until […]

Jordan’s Success

I started with Crossfit Tamworth in September 2015 as I was bored of my normal workouts which were mainly running and I had heard good things about Crossfit for improving overall fitness and weightloss. I was slightly apprehensive on my first session as I had never done any real weight lifting before but I was […]

Carina’s Success

I started at Crossfit Tamworth 14months ago – having done Crossfit at another box. I’d hit plateau’s in my lifts and my gymnastics (pull ups, toes to bar) were none existent. I’ll admit I’m not an easy person to coach, if I don’t want to do something I just won’t, my body does what it […]