Stay Strong!

Hey CFT,

We are sorry to announce that under the government guidelines for COVID-19 that we have to close our doors and shut down due to the latest announcement from the government.

We are only closing the doors on our location, but CFT as a business goes on, with loads planned through Beyond the Whiteboard, our Facebook CrossFit Tamworth community page and live conference classes. We have loads of challenges planned to keep you fit and healthy! 

We love our community so much everyone is awesome, the messages of support have been fantastic and it brings a tear to my eyes, we cannot thank you enough! 

We will be keeping a close eye out on everything that is happening from the Government and Public health England on reopening but this is at the present time is asking “how long is a piece  of string”

We will be planning a massive welcome back workout and open day once this is all over, please keep a eye on all our social media and website for the awesome day!

Greatest of wishes, stay fit and healthy and we will see you on the other side

Coach Mark!!!


Have you woken up to see a WOD you didn’t like and decided to take the day off? 

If so, this is referred to as “cherry-picking” your workouts.

We all have those days when we see a WOD we don’t like.  Maybe you don’t like what’s on the table, maybe you’re a bit scared of the movement (especially when upside down), or perhaps you think the workout is just too hard or too easy.  

No matter what the reason, it’s never a good idea to skip out on your scheduled WOD.

Your coach has programmed your workouts for a reason, and consistent programming means results. As soon as you start cherry-picking your workouts, you have now entered into random programming, which means slower and less effective training. No matter what you are skipping on, you are missing an important part of your fitness puzzle.

The bottom line is: you can’t get any better if you aren’t practicing

The WODs are designed to work you into a slow of upward progression, so be patient with yourself. 

There are always scaling options available, and there ain’t no shame in that game.

How can you avoid cherry-picking?  One simple answer is not looking at the WOD ahead of time so for a while we are not going to publish the WOD’s so you don’t have that will power not to have a sneaky peak.  If that’s not how you roll, make the commitment to the WOD no matter what it is.  Remind yourself how awesome you are and show up. It’s actually most of the battle.

Remember the bigger picture. With consistency in your training, you’ll see better, faster results.  Your weaknesses will become strengths. Be patient with yourself, relish in the small victories, and enjoy the ride!

You are killing it!

Why would you choose a CrossFit Gym when a Commercial Gym is much cheaper?

One of the biggest drawbacks with CrossFit is the price tag. It’s much more expensive than most commercial gym memberships, and on the whole they offer much nicer facilities, with shiny modern equipment, heating, showers, a nicely fragranced changing room and fancy lockers, maybe even with a hair dryer and a mirror for you. On the face of it, a CrossFit gym charging more than a commercial gym is somewhere between lunacy and daylight robbery. If we look just below the surface though, it becomes a little easier to stomach. Here are my 5 reasons a CrossFit membership is worth it, and more:

  1. The programming: When you go to a normal gym, you probably follow a routine from one of 2 sources; some form of magazine for bodybuilding (electronic or paper), or a mate who has been training a while. In a CrossFit facility, the programme is carefully designed to illicit maximum results whilst promoting recovery and better movement. As a rough guide, to pay for programming alone costs £30-60 per month!

The coaching: The best you can hope for at a commercial gym is a brief introduction to the equipment. Don’t be fooled, this is purely to cover the gym should an accident occur, and is probably a condition of their insurance. At a CrossFit facility, every movement is coached, working towards proper form, and furthermore, appropriately scaling each movement and weight to suit, yet benefit, each individual. With the vast majority of classes capped to 8-10 clients per coach, this is like small group personal training. An hour with a personal trainer worth their time will cost north of £25.

  1. The equipment: Commercial gyms tend to be filled with quite expensive equipment that is specifically designed to look and feel comfortable. Truth be told though, it’s mostly not that effective. CrossFit gyms, whilst largely austere in nature, are packed full of the essentials; equipment which over the years has proven to be most effective at getting results. It might not look as fancy, but it is often better quality and most certainly fit for purpose.
  2. The atmosphere: We’ve all been the nervous newcomer in a gym, not sure where certain things are, or what to do, but we can’t ask where the 12kg dumbbells are, because the only guy around is grunting at himself in the mirror with his headphones on so loud, the gym doesn’t require a sound system. In a CrossFit box things are a little different. We’re built on the principles of community, which is not only much friendlier, but evidence shows time and time again that a great friendly atmosphere is more conducive to an effective workout. I challenge you to find a more motivating environment.
  3. The knowledge: You will quickly realise that whatever your level, goals, injuries or other factors, there is a way to workout that best suits you. There are also many more movements and much more detail to each movement than you probably realised. Trying to guide yourself through these unaided can be daunting at best, but at worst could lead to a serious injury. The ability to seek help when it’s needed from coaches who have invested their time and money in bettering themselves through practice and study, is a luxury many people don’t consider. The truth is though, that it’s less of a luxury, and more just part of the service with most boxes.

As with anything, there are good and bad CrossFit gyms, good and bad coaches, and good and bad CrossFitters. On the whole though, what you get for your monthly fee, trumps what you get elsewhere by a considerable margin. As an example, our memberships are £65 per month Unlimited Classes and £55 per month for 3 classes per week. To get a Personal Trainer at a commercial gym, for 4 sessions per week, would cost roughly £400 per month. The odds are that if they are only charging £20-25 per session, they probably don’t have the depth of knowledge you’d expect either. I’d also suggest whilst PT might help address specific areas individually, the class environment will bring better results as you’re driven to push harder. So yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but one that I think you’ll come to like very quickly, and a damned sight cheaper than a comparable alternative elsewhere!

Breaking down the terminology: The ‘Fundamentals’.

A Fundamentals course is your introduction into our world.

The focus is on teaching the foundational movements of CrossFit, along with any other movements that are frequently used during WODs. (Workout of the day)
It’s an opportunity to get some real quality time with the coaches and to have their undivided attention when going through a workout. 

Take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the language of CrossFit, you’ll soon realise that all the acronyms, work out titles, and slang become second nature. “So who is Fran?”.

When you look around the room, remember that everyone was a beginner, everyone was in your shoes, & therefore everyone can relate to exactly how you’re feeling.

All we ask is for your best. Now get some.

Ready to try CrossFit?

We are looking for individuals ready to embark on an epic fitness and lifestyle journey

If you want to gain confidence and get fit, without running on the treadmill then we have something in mind …

Over the last couple of year so we’ve been changing the lives of the people who enter our gym.

And now it is your turn.

But what if I’m not experienced at training?

I’m glad you asked …because we believe CrossFit is for everyone!

It focuses on the foundations of movement and fitness … and each class will progress you further.

Book a spot on our first beginner class of 2020! And get the rest of January free… £30

January 12th 1-3

Spaces are filling fast… book now to avoid disappointment. 

Sign up here!

Rowing Seminar

Rowing Seminar with Adelle Tudor!

January 19th

Do you want to improve your rowing technique?

We will cover everything from how to set up on the Erg to how to Program a workout.

About Adelle! 
Adelle discovered indoor rowing through CrossFit and always enjoyed it when it came up in a WOD. She invested in a Concept2 rowing machine during maternity leave when it was sometimes a struggle to get out of the house with a new baby. This allowed her to train on the rower 3-4 times per week to help regain her pre-pregnancy fitness. 

Her first rowing competition was Just Row 2018, just 4 months after taking up the sport. Since then, Adelle returned to work as a soldier in the British Army where the opportunities available have increased her love for the sport and determination to improve. She completed the British Rowing Go Row Instructor course in Jan 19 to improve her knowledge. In Jun 19, she was fortunate enough to be able to learn to row on the water by completing a beginners course with the Army. This led to her being accepted onto the Army Rowing Development Squad and a proud moment of competing at Henley Town & Visitors regatta. She has completed a bespoke Master Indoor Rowing Trainer course in collaboration with the Army and British Rowing. 

She was selected for the Army Indoor Rowing Team (AIRT) in November 19 after applying through a vigorous application process. This took into consideration her performance over a variety of distances, motivation and attitude to the sport and training. At the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships, Adelle won gold in the 2000m, silver in the 500m, bronze in the 100m and bronze in the team relay. She also had a successful first appearance at BRIC (British Rowing Indoor Championships) winning 3 x bronze medals in the 2000m, 500m and team relay. She is looking forward to competing again with the Army Indoor Rowing Team at the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Feb 2020 in Paris. 

To book on follow the link below:

CrossFit Tamworth Member takes part in a Round the World Ocean Sailing Race

What does CrossFit and Ocean Racing have in common? 

Apart from perseverance, courage, strength, sacrifice, repetition, sweat, tears, respect, fun and team work to mention a few, there is also me, Catherine Johnson, a new addition to CrossFit at Tamworth

In May of 2019 I saw the Clipper Race on BT Sport. It is the only sailing event that supports amateur sailors and those with no previous sailing experience to undertake a record breaking 40,000 nautical mile race around the world on a 70-foot ocean racing yacht. I had been looking for a challenge and this one grabbed my imagination.

Having been accepted onto the programme I signed on for 3 out of the 8 legs. I sail round the coast of Australia for 20 days, up to the Philippines and China for 34 days and finally across the Pacific Ocean to Seattle for 37 days. So that’s December 2019 – April 2020 accounted for.

In June I headed off to Gosport to join 10 other newbies on our first week-long training course. The training programme is 4 one week-long courses each of which has a pass/fail assessment. My first week was a tough one testing my personal endurance and my ability to remember and implement the evolutions required, for example to hoist the main sail and reef sails. By the end of the course I had not reached the standard required to move onto the next level of training.

The Clipper Team are committed to helping trainees develop to their full potential and so offered me the opportunity to repeat the training week. Apart from the significant dent to my personal pride I was eager to ensure my skills were built on a strong foundation and I had the confidence to move forward through the programme. 

But more importantly I knew I needed to improve my personal fitness and that’s when I discovered CrossFit in Tamworth. Mark and Beth couldn’t have been more helpful in sharing their knowledge and encouraging improved performances at each session. I mainly attended sweat class / conditioning classes and enjoy the friendly competition and fellowship as everyone strived for physical improvement. 

There is no doubt that CrossFit and the tuition I received made a significant difference not just to my physical wellbeing but my confidence, flexibility and strength. By the time I returned for my next Clipper training course CrossFit had made me fitter, leaner and more adaptable to the challenge ahead. 

Repeating the Clipper course was the best decision I could have made.  With the support of my new crew I gained confidence and competence in my sailing ability. I didn’t worry about my fitness levels as CrossFit’s high intensity program and aerobic exercises made living and moving about the yacht much easier. 

As I rolled into my second Clipper course, we had a day on ‘Survival at Sea’. We were told of the many reasons and ways people die at sea then into a swimming pool to use the lift raft. I very quickly concluded that the last place to be was in a lift raft. For the rest of the week we ran a watch system of 6 hours on, 6 hours off during the day then changing every 4 hours during the night. It was really tough getting out of a warm sleeping bag at 0400 to stand on a cold deck. Sea sickness caught up with me not in rough water but in calm water. Who gets seasick in calm water?   

My next Clipper course is in November with a 2-day break before my last week finishing on 9 December. I fly to Perth in Australia on 12 December to join my crew in Freemantle and continue a journey of a lifetime. 

This is my yacht Punta Del Este, named for the sponsoring port in Uruguay. There is lots of information about all the racing yachts, skippers and crews on the Clipper Race website. 

If you want to follow the action the race viewer shows the position of the yachts, mine is the yellow boat

I have started a blog couch potato to ocean racer if you would like to follow me

The chosen charity for Clipper is UNICEF who support children across the globe and each crew members raises £500 to add to the Clipper contribution.

I have an account with if you wold like to contribute.

I have also chosen a second charity the Hollie Gazzard Trust. The Trust was created following the murder of 20-year-old Hollie Gazzard in 2014 by an ex-partner. As a response to this terribly tragic event Hollie’s parents and sister set up the Trust to change the lives of young people through partnerships in communities. Check out the website as there is lots of information for adults as well as young people

The team developed Hollie Guard which turns your smartphone into a personal safety device. In danger? Shake your phone or tap the screen to generate an alert. Your location and audio/video evidence will automatically be sent to your emergency contacts who can take action to help you quickly. It is fantastic safety tool for lone workers, runners or cyclists, extra protection when travelling alone and can be used for any age group

Please promote Hollie Guard to your friends and family as it is very adaptable to suit many different circumstances. The App. is free but I encourage you to make a donation via my profile on the charity website

Friday Night Lights

Friday night Lights started last Friday with CrossFit Games Open workout (WOD) 20.1 which was:

10 rounds for time or reps completed after a 15 minutes time cap of:8

8 Ground to overhead at a weight of 43kg males and 30kg females

10 Bar facing burpees

For 5 weeks on a Friday Night of the CrossFit Games Open starting on Friday 11th October, we will reserve Friday Night as the night we will do The Open Workout for that week in a one WOD competition. We will break athletes up into heats and everyone will have a judge to run throughout the Open WOD. After the WOD there will be some Beer and Food for everyone to hang out and have a good time together. This turned into awesome affair and we had a ton of spectators coming in to hang out, cheer on fellow members and watch the event.

It really was the atmosphere was AWESOME!

At the same time run a little in house competition in conjunction with the CrossFit Games open called the CrossFit Tamworth Championships using the Open WOD each Friday Teams White, Red and Black compete to get points for their team (you get more points for turning up than winning) so you’ll see some awesome head to heads to gain bragging rights for their Team.

This Friday night lights we will be competing 20.2, we won’t know what the workout is until 1am GMT Friday as will announce what it is at 5pm PT Thursday.

The first heat for the Friday night lights will be starting at 4pm this Friday and will finish after the last athlete finishes, if you are intrigued on what it is that we do please drop by and watch.

New Class Time Table

We are please to announce that we are going to bring out new and exciting time table!

From as of the 5th August we are changing the time table to add new classes like a 6am CrossFit Class on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Also and new lunch time 30 minutes conditioning class which will start at 12:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

There will be a change to Thursday as we are taking the sweat class away and replacing it with a Gymnastic Workshop for those who want to work on and increase their gymnastic skills

Don’t panic about the sweat class, we will be adding the sweat class 3 times a week on Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7pm and also Friday at 6pm these will be still open out to non-members as well as members

We are also please to announce our brand new showers, if you haven’t got time to get back home to get freshened up after the classes and need to get straight off to work, we have you covered!

If you want to know more information the new morning classes and about joining please drop us a message at

CrossFit Tamworth Masters Athletes compete up at Leeds

On Saturday 1 st June 2 teams of masters athletes will take part in a competition at Form Leeds

A huge celebration of Masters fitness!

Form Leeds have supersized our annual Masters pairs comps and taken it to the next level… of 4’s (2 male & 2 female athletes)

The teams combined age must be over 160 years of age.

All competitors must be at least 35 years old on the date of the competition.

All teams will complete 4 workouts on the day.

Mixed ability teams are welcomed, the workouts will be programmed to ensure all range of athletes get to shine. There will be some more complex/heavier elements but we will be able to share the workload however we please between the team.

All podium places will receive prizes!

This is going to be epic.

The Teams are:

Team 1:

One foot in the grave

Coach Oz




A combined age of: 168

Team 2:

Meaty Divas





A combined age of: 193

We wish all the teams good luck!!!

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