Friday Night Lights

Friday night Lights started last Friday with CrossFit Games Open workout (WOD) 20.1 which was:

10 rounds for time or reps completed after a 15 minutes time cap of:8

8 Ground to overhead at a weight of 43kg males and 30kg females

10 Bar facing burpees

For 5 weeks on a Friday Night of the CrossFit Games Open starting on Friday 11th October, we will reserve Friday Night as the night we will do The Open Workout for that week in a one WOD competition. We will break athletes up into heats and everyone will have a judge to run throughout the Open WOD. After the WOD there will be some Beer and Food for everyone to hang out and have a good time together. This turned into awesome affair and we had a ton of spectators coming in to hang out, cheer on fellow members and watch the event.

It really was the atmosphere was AWESOME!

At the same time run a little in house competition in conjunction with the CrossFit Games open called the CrossFit Tamworth Championships using the Open WOD each Friday Teams White, Red and Black compete to get points for their team (you get more points for turning up than winning) so you’ll see some awesome head to heads to gain bragging rights for their Team.

This Friday night lights we will be competing 20.2, we won’t know what the workout is until 1am GMT Friday as will announce what it is at 5pm PT Thursday.

The first heat for the Friday night lights will be starting at 4pm this Friday and will finish after the last athlete finishes, if you are intrigued on what it is that we do please drop by and watch.

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