Kev’s Success

It’s a year to the day that I first walked into CrossFit Tamworth and first met Mark and Beth. I first became aware of CrossFit on a holiday to America and was intrigued to see a lot of their members were of my age group (thinking ‘I could do that !’).

At the time I was disappointed with my level of fitness and resigned to continued deterioration has I entered my late 50’s. I was already overweight and taking medication to control high blood pressure although I had invested in a home Gym and dabbled with running spurred on by my son. 

But I was lacking motivation and genuinely bored with both activities !

Feeling a little awkward and silly I took the plunge and booked onto a fundamentals class with Beth. An hour later sweat dripping and my limbs aching having been put into different positions like never before, I was so sore but totally  hooked !

Having played Rugby up until my late thirties my strength was decent, but the flexibility needed to perform many of the exercises was shocking. But things are improving Mark assigns a number of stretching exercises tailored to my shortfalls and this old body is starting to react positively.

CrossFit Tamworth was for me ! The personnel professional level of training the camaraderie and helpfulness among fellow members was humbling and so motivating.

Everyone works at their own level striving to increase performance and with it their health and strength whilst helping their fellow members through each workout.

One year later I am half a stone lighter, 2 inches off my waist, eating healthy and breaking personal records in weight lifting moves but most of important to me as of this week no longer taking medication for high blood pressure for which I am most proud and my GP most baffled.

Mark even gave me the encouragement to enter competitions (See Photo) this year which I never ever thought I would be doing but enjoyed immensely.

CrossFit worldwide seems to have the same ethos and I have been lucky enough to drop in to CrossFit gyms around the world this year and take part in their workouts with confidence.

Fast approaching 58 now my only regret is I didn’t find CrossFit Tamworth earlier, however now I have I intend to keep going as long as I can and encourage anyone whatever age or fitness level to do likewise.

New Class Time Table

We are please to announce that we are going to bring out new and exciting time table!

From as of the 5th August we are changing the time table to add new classes like a 6am CrossFit Class on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Also and new lunch time 30 minutes conditioning class which will start at 12:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

There will be a change to Thursday as we are taking the sweat class away and replacing it with a Gymnastic Workshop for those who want to work on and increase their gymnastic skills

Don’t panic about the sweat class, we will be adding the sweat class 3 times a week on Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7pm and also Friday at 6pm these will be still open out to non-members as well as members

We are also please to announce our brand new showers, if you haven’t got time to get back home to get freshened up after the classes and need to get straight off to work, we have you covered!

If you want to know more information the new morning classes and about joining please drop us a message at

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