CrossFit Tamworth’s Birthday give away offer!

CrossFit Tamworth Birthday Offer

To celebrate CrossFit Tamworth’s Birthday we are giving away 5 x 1 year memberships for half price of a full year at a cost of £420!

Also comes with a FREE Fundamentals course – rrp £80


What do you get with the membership?

You’ll get 1 year of Unlimited Membership which you’ll get unlimited access to

  • CrossFit Classes (fully Coached and Programmed)
  • Sweat Classes (fully Coached and Programmed)
  • Team CrossFit Class (fully Coached and Programmed)
  • Barbell Club (fully Coached and Programmed)
  • Open Gym sessions


  • Subscription to Beyond the White Board (Work out tracking system)
  • Subscription to My zone (Belts can be purchased fo £70 rrp £129.99)
  • Nutritional program and advice

Fundamentals Course

“This is your on ramp program to secure the basics of CrossFit”

Fundamentals is 5 x 1hr one to one sessions, throughout the 5 sessions, you will go through necessary CrossFit Fundamental movements, from Weightlifting to Gymnastics. Dedicated coaches will ensure your readiness before entering CrossFit class.

Some of you could be way fitter than you think! By coaches’ assessment, should he/she feel you already have the basics and more, you can join CrossFit class sooner!

To book this offer click here

Once purchased, we can book you in on your 1:1 fundamentals course.

*offer finishes on 10th May 2019

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