On Saturday 25/02 there were two teams competing at an event called the superhuman games. This was were different aspects of their fitness was tested but endurance was mainly the focus. The two teams were CFT and team why not. CFT consisted of Joe, Carina, Adelle and Luke, while Team why not was formed of Vanessa, Beth, John and Matei.

The first event of the day was called surprise attack, this was where two members had to hold a worm above their heads, while the other two were required to lunge with a log in synchronization in a descending rep scheme of 21,18,15,12,9 lunges, with a run at the end of the round. If the worm was dropped at anytime the team members doing the lunges had to stop and wait for them to get the worm back above their heads. Once one round had been completed the team members had swap.  Both teams did well at this event, even though the worm caused problems for every member of the teams.

The second event of the day was reapers ladder. In this event the teams had to start with 10 get ups on a tire, then they would move forward to the next station which was 10 get ups 20 press ups. And then moved forward completing the movements up until the final station which was 10 get ups, 20 press ups, 30 kettle bell swings, 40 squats and 50 ground to overheads using a barrel and another run. All of these movements were required to be in synch with each other. After the run was completed the teams then had to complete the ladder in reverse order starting at the 50 grounds to overheads.

After this it was finally time for lunch which allowed the teams to rest and eat whatever food they had brought, until the next event.

The third event was called lung attack, which consisted of running 200m sprints and rowing 500m. The way this event was organised was that one pair ran as many 200m sprints as they could while the other pair rower as far as they could. After 15 minutes the pairs swapped. Both teams did well at this event with CFT coming fourth in this event with the most rowing metres for the whole day.

The final event was 300. Team why not were nervous about this event as they had never completed it in the time cap before. The event consisted of 60 Burpees, 60 deck squats, 60 sit-ups, 60 hand walk outs and 60 jump overs while the other partner was in a front plank. The main catch to this event was that again every movement had to be synchronised. This catch cause problems for everyone. Team why not had nothing to worry about in this work out as they finished well inside the time cap for the first time.

Overall CFT came 30/47 while team why not came 36/47. Both teams performed really well and should proud of the results they achieved. The good day as the weather held out to provide great weather for the teams. Both teams seemed to enjoy themselves at the event.

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