John’s success so far!
“I started CrossFit in the September of 2018. I had just come back off holiday and was fed up of being the fat dad around the pool.
I had seen CrossFit on several films on Netflix and it scared the crap out of me, however extreme measures were needed.
Over the last 5 months I have fully emerged myself into the CrossFit community, and what a community it is!
I have entered and competed in competitions and haven’t been bothered about the results because the experience was awesome.
Since September I have gone from 15st 7 to 14st 3 and have lost 10cm off my belly, and if I’m honest I have not eaten well at all.
When asked to do a write up I was asked to put some goals about my weight and where I want to be. I’ve thought about this and if I’m honest the weight and size is not a goal I’m interested in, it’s more about; how much will I snatch in 3 months? How many unbroken double unders can I get to? How many unbroken pull ups will I get?
CrossFit has changed my way of thinking, I will always enjoy competing but competing against my previous best is far more achievable than comparing myself to others” crossfitflash77

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