This is @Joe spencer17 journey so far since being with a year!
I joined CrossFit Tamworth back in December 2017 on a week long free trial and I haven’t looked back since… Whilst I had always trained, I had become tired of a regular ‘bodybuilding’ training split and wanted to explore functional fitness. I started trying to coach myself CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting movements in November 2017, but decided I needed a change of gym and a coach to help me get where I wanted to be.
I was very nervous when I first started. I was anxious about not knowing anyone who trained there and was unsure of how I would get on with the different style of training. Mark and Beth however, along with all the members, made me feel extremely welcome from the moment I stepped in the gym and I have made some great friends since joining. There is a real sense of community which you don’t get at a lot of normal gyms.

In terms of progress, it has been incredible over the last 12 months, with Mark coaching me through not just techniques to an extremely high standard, but also helping me understand my body better through nutritional advice and helping me increase my mental capacity, which is needed in the sport to be able to dig deep and push my body past what I thought it was physically capable of doing.
He also helped me with competing, entering me into my first small Olympic weightlifting competition only 2 months after joining and then entering my first ever CrossFit Open competition shortly after!
I would highly recommend CrossFit Tamworth to anyone who wants to see genuine results from training, whether it be strength, weight loss, confidence or even if you just want a nice community vibe where you train!

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