As i am a woman of 55 years i thought CrossFit was not for me, but as there was an opening offer of a free induction i decided to give it a go. I told the Coach Mark that i didnt want to do any weightlifting however he encouraged me to give it a go. From this day I have never looked back, I train 3 times a week to the workout of the day (WOD) which is scaled down to my fitness level, each day is a different workout. After six weeks the benefits are already showing, I feel fitter, trimmer and more motivated in my everyday life. I would recommend people to give it a try youll be surprised, the only problem you will have is getting addicted!!!!


Hi everyone, been doing CrossFit now at CrossFit Tamworth for 8 months, its still the best thing I have done, dont get me wrong its hard work and dedication, but I feel fitter, healthier and Ive got more energy than Ive ever had. Ive lost around approx 5 inches from all over and gone from a size 12/14 to a very comfy size 10 all through a good diet and exercise.

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