I started at Crossfit Tamworth 14months ago – having done Crossfit at another box. I’d hit plateau’s in my lifts and my gymnastics (pull ups, toes to bar) were none existent. I’ll admit I’m not an easy person to coach, if I don’t want to do something I just won’t, my body does what it wants no matter how many times u tell me I’m doing something wrong. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a stubborn bugger and can get very pissed off when I can’t do what I know I’m capable of and have been known to just sit down or strop off 😂 buuuut I want to do and to achieve all the things that Crossfit encompasses so I persevere….luckily Mark has persevered with me and ignored my strops and pushed me when he knew I could do more. I’m still far from where I want to be, I’m still working on technique and have lots to learn but I’m also now doing things I’ve never done before, I can now do pull ups and toes to bar (having also just done them in a competition for the first time ever) and my lifts are also regularly still PBing and the technique is consistently improving. I’m faster than I’ve ever been, I’m RXing workouts 95% of the time (only muscle ups really out of my reach atm)
Mark doesn’t just focus on the elites in the gym, he takes time with everyone whether beginner or not, the members are friendly and everyone supports one another whether you are the first or last to finish. The classes are varied and can be scaled to suit everyone and if you have the unlimited membership everything is included so no “hidden” extra charges which is a bonus
I will continue to push myself and enjoy the process and be grateful that I get to do it alongside some great people, some of which are now good friends who inspire me to do more and laugh with me along the way
I’m getting fitter, stronger, healthier (having lost 2stone 3lb) and enjoying myself – here’s to another great year at Crossfit Tamworth


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