I’d dabbled in CrossFit since 2015 but never been consistent due to injuries and moving locations twice. Joining CrossFit Tamworth at 4 weeks pregnant in Jan 2017 might have looked like a crazy move to some, but it helped maintain my fitness during a tough year for my body and mind. Some movements were modified right from the beginning due to my changing hormones. Other movements changed later on due to my expanding body and dodgy balance. Some I managed to keep going until near the end of my pregnancy. Coach Mark was great at modifying workouts for me and managing my expectations – I had to accept that I wouldn’t make many progressions just maintain fitness and health.

Fast forward to 8 months post giving birth and I’ve made absolute leaps in CrossFit and getting my fitness back. I’m already 5kg lighter than pre-pregnancy. I’ve started to crack movements I didn’t have before such as toes-to-bar and double-unders, with pull-ups and handstand push-ups well on the way. My strength is increasing from squats through to overhead presses. I’ve also been encouraged to compete in fitness events by friendly members of the box and felt confident enough to do so with the great coaching that I’ve had. Just like you may set a 5k or marathon as a training goal, this has massively helped to keep me motivated and continue pushing myself to get better.

I’ve heard some people worry that they aren’t fit enough to start doing CrossFit, possibly having watched CrossFit star athletes on YouTube or at the CrossFit Games. My question would be ‘if you weren’t fit enough to play football in the Premier League, would that put you off joining a local team?’ I hope not. Everything can be scaled/modified and you might be surprised how quickly you will progress

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