John’s Success

John’s success so far!
“I started CrossFit in the September of 2018. I had just come back off holiday and was fed up of being the fat dad around the pool.
I had seen CrossFit on several films on Netflix and it scared the crap out of me, however extreme measures were needed.
Over the last 5 months I have fully emerged myself into the CrossFit community, and what a community it is!
I have entered and competed in competitions and haven’t been bothered about the results because the experience was awesome.
Since September I have gone from 15st 7 to 14st 3 and have lost 10cm off my belly, and if I’m honest I have not eaten well at all.
When asked to do a write up I was asked to put some goals about my weight and where I want to be. I’ve thought about this and if I’m honest the weight and size is not a goal I’m interested in, it’s more about; how much will I snatch in 3 months? How many unbroken double unders can I get to? How many unbroken pull ups will I get?
CrossFit has changed my way of thinking, I will always enjoy competing but competing against my previous best is far more achievable than comparing myself to others” crossfitflash77

Joe’s Success

This is @Joe spencer17 journey so far since being with a year!
I joined CrossFit Tamworth back in December 2017 on a week long free trial and I haven’t looked back since… Whilst I had always trained, I had become tired of a regular ‘bodybuilding’ training split and wanted to explore functional fitness. I started trying to coach myself CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting movements in November 2017, but decided I needed a change of gym and a coach to help me get where I wanted to be.
I was very nervous when I first started. I was anxious about not knowing anyone who trained there and was unsure of how I would get on with the different style of training. Mark and Beth however, along with all the members, made me feel extremely welcome from the moment I stepped in the gym and I have made some great friends since joining. There is a real sense of community which you don’t get at a lot of normal gyms.

In terms of progress, it has been incredible over the last 12 months, with Mark coaching me through not just techniques to an extremely high standard, but also helping me understand my body better through nutritional advice and helping me increase my mental capacity, which is needed in the sport to be able to dig deep and push my body past what I thought it was physically capable of doing.
He also helped me with competing, entering me into my first small Olympic weightlifting competition only 2 months after joining and then entering my first ever CrossFit Open competition shortly after!
I would highly recommend CrossFit Tamworth to anyone who wants to see genuine results from training, whether it be strength, weight loss, confidence or even if you just want a nice community vibe where you train!

Sam’s Success

I started training at CrossFit Tamworth in April 2018 and have enjoyed and benefited from it ever since. I have played rugby since the age of 8 and since joining CrossFit I have noticed a massive improvement in my rugby as I am far fitter and able to have much more of an impact on the pitch than I previously could. 

Mark has been brilliant identifying and working on weaknesses with me including mobility, something I previously had paid little attention to but has improved me as an athlete greatly. I just wish I had found it sooner!

Adelle’s Success

I’d dabbled in CrossFit since 2015 but never been consistent due to injuries and moving locations twice. Joining CrossFit Tamworth at 4 weeks pregnant in Jan 2017 might have looked like a crazy move to some, but it helped maintain my fitness during a tough year for my body and mind. Some movements were modified right from the beginning due to my changing hormones. Other movements changed later on due to my expanding body and dodgy balance. Some I managed to keep going until near the end of my pregnancy. Coach Mark was great at modifying workouts for me and managing my expectations – I had to accept that I wouldn’t make many progressions just maintain fitness and health.

Fast forward to 8 months post giving birth and I’ve made absolute leaps in CrossFit and getting my fitness back. I’m already 5kg lighter than pre-pregnancy. I’ve started to crack movements I didn’t have before such as toes-to-bar and double-unders, with pull-ups and handstand push-ups well on the way. My strength is increasing from squats through to overhead presses. I’ve also been encouraged to compete in fitness events by friendly members of the box and felt confident enough to do so with the great coaching that I’ve had. Just like you may set a 5k or marathon as a training goal, this has massively helped to keep me motivated and continue pushing myself to get better.

I’ve heard some people worry that they aren’t fit enough to start doing CrossFit, possibly having watched CrossFit star athletes on YouTube or at the CrossFit Games. My question would be ‘if you weren’t fit enough to play football in the Premier League, would that put you off joining a local team?’ I hope not. Everything can be scaled/modified and you might be surprised how quickly you will progress

Luke’s Success

“I have know about CrossFit for about four years now and have gone to a couple of other boxes. When I first started I did make some good progress quickly. Unfortunately, I was only able to go at the weekend due to living away during the week with work.


However, since starting at CrossFit Tamworth I have been able to regularly attend both classes and open gym sessions for a whole year. Since I have made this change Mark and the guys at CrossFit Tamworth have helped me make massive leap in my fitness.


The biggest thing has been the support; I have learned loads of technical movements I would have never tried or achieved on my own. The impact of going to CrossFit Tamworth for me can be seen in my position in the CrossFit Open for 2017 to 2018, I was able to increase my worldwide ranking by 10,757!”

Cheryl’s Success

As i am a woman of 55 years i thought CrossFit was not for me, but as there was an opening offer of a free induction i decided to give it a go. I told the Coach Mark that i didnt want to do any weightlifting however he encouraged me to give it a go. From this day I have never looked back, I train 3 times a week to the workout of the day (WOD) which is scaled down to my fitness level, each day is a different workout. After six weeks the benefits are already showing, I feel fitter, trimmer and more motivated in my everyday life. I would recommend people to give it a try youll be surprised, the only problem you will have is getting addicted!!!!


Hi everyone, been doing CrossFit now at CrossFit Tamworth for 8 months, its still the best thing I have done, dont get me wrong its hard work and dedication, but I feel fitter, healthier and Ive got more energy than Ive ever had. Ive lost around approx 5 inches from all over and gone from a size 12/14 to a very comfy size 10 all through a good diet and exercise.

Laura’s Success

CrossFit is changing my life. As a mother I have always tried to keep fit and healthy for my two little girls juggling work and home life. Then I found out that I was having twins not only that I was being made redundant as well. I decided to hold off finding another job until the twins was a bit older, in doing this I slipped into bad habits with eating and also exercise.

My friend told me about CrossFit so I went and had a look at CrossFit Tamworth and since then I never looked back. CrossFit uses movements that I use everyday weather it will be carrying shopping, picking up one of my children, jumping on the trampoline or even skipping with them. With change to my diet and continuing with CrossFit my energy levels are at an all time high and I can keep up with my children and enjoy every minute with them.

Jordan’s Success

I started with Crossfit Tamworth in September 2015 as I was bored of my normal workouts which were mainly running and I had heard good things about Crossfit for improving overall fitness and weightloss.

I was slightly apprehensive on my first session as I had never done any real weight lifting before but I was quickly reassured by Mark who was patient and broke it all down into easy to learn segments.

The workouts are varied, fun and very effective. During my 4 months at Tamworth I have lost 39 pounds = 2.9 stone and toned up.

Crossfit Tamworth is the best gym I have ever been to, its sociable, friendly and fun.

Carina’s Success

I started at Crossfit Tamworth 14months ago – having done Crossfit at another box. I’d hit plateau’s in my lifts and my gymnastics (pull ups, toes to bar) were none existent. I’ll admit I’m not an easy person to coach, if I don’t want to do something I just won’t, my body does what it wants no matter how many times u tell me I’m doing something wrong. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a stubborn bugger and can get very pissed off when I can’t do what I know I’m capable of and have been known to just sit down or strop off 😂 buuuut I want to do and to achieve all the things that Crossfit encompasses so I persevere….luckily Mark has persevered with me and ignored my strops and pushed me when he knew I could do more. I’m still far from where I want to be, I’m still working on technique and have lots to learn but I’m also now doing things I’ve never done before, I can now do pull ups and toes to bar (having also just done them in a competition for the first time ever) and my lifts are also regularly still PBing and the technique is consistently improving. I’m faster than I’ve ever been, I’m RXing workouts 95% of the time (only muscle ups really out of my reach atm)
Mark doesn’t just focus on the elites in the gym, he takes time with everyone whether beginner or not, the members are friendly and everyone supports one another whether you are the first or last to finish. The classes are varied and can be scaled to suit everyone and if you have the unlimited membership everything is included so no “hidden” extra charges which is a bonus
I will continue to push myself and enjoy the process and be grateful that I get to do it alongside some great people, some of which are now good friends who inspire me to do more and laugh with me along the way
I’m getting fitter, stronger, healthier (having lost 2stone 3lb) and enjoying myself – here’s to another great year at Crossfit Tamworth


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